Smart Marketing

Smart Marketing

It is not secret these days that the cost of marketing in all shapes, forms and styles is skyrocketing.   And this at a time when the economy is pretty much tanking in most parts of the world.  So, what is a business person to do?  Well, first of all you must do what all successful business folks do and that is to make the most of the clientele and customer base you already have.  They are worth far more to you than any new clients are.

One of the reasons this is the case is that you don’t need to use aggressive tactics on existing customers, the type that some prospective ones find pushy even if they aren’t.  You already have a proven track record with them, and provided you continue to provide them with good sound products and services they will stick with you.  So, what are some of the ways to keep them coming back for more?

Be a good listener.  Even though you are the one receiving payment for providing them with what it is they are seeking, always be open to feedback, suggestions and recommendations from your clientele.  This makes them feel important – which they are – and lets them know they are a part of things moving forward.  Also, from time to time offer promotional discounts and even freebies as a show of appreciation for their continued patronage.

When during the course of communications with them you find out birthdays, family details and special occasions make note of them and from time to time ask about them.  This lets them know you care and have a personal interest in them.  Sure, these things take time and great attention to detail, but they can provide a great return on time invested.

Now, there is one very important area that you must pay great attention to regarding your customers.  Going about this wrong could cost you dearly, so please listen up.  Be extremely careful when suggesting or recommending products or services to your clients that is not directly provided by you.  Don’t just go directing them to things for the sake of a commission or pat on the back from someone.

Make sure that you know for a fact that whoever you are referring them to has an impeccable record of providing excellent customer service.  This is especially important if you are referring them to something that is finance related.  Following is a prime example of what we are talking about here.

Imagine for a second a customer who is struggling financially.

You can help him save his home with the Foreclosure defense affiliate program.

Then you can help them settle their unsecured debt with Debt settlement/ debt consolidation affiliate program.

Then you can help them with their tax problems.

You can work with them to lower their Life Insurance, health insurance and Auto Insurance premiums.

You can even help them to consolidate their student loans.

Once they are good to go, you can get their FICO improved through our Credit Repair affiliate program.

And then you can help them re-finance their mortgage!!!

In a span of 4-5 years, you can generate revenue of approx $15000 to $20000 from an average client. Now how is that for Return on Your Investment? And figure out what your Cost Per Acquisition is going to be?

But what is most important to make it come true are just 2 things:

1. Good companies that can provide excellent services to your clients, so that you can keep recommending them other great companies to fix their problems.

2. A software that does all for you and other companies, so you don’t have to remember every customer and when to talk to them about it like the following one does.

We have worked hard to bring both these features for you to enable you to succeed.