Loan Modification Affiliate Program

Foreclosure Defense – Loan Modification Affiliate Program HIGH Commissions

Our Loan Modification/ Foreclosure defence Affiliate Program will help clients that otherwise couldn’t be helped, you’ll open up a profitable new revenue stream, and it’s a simple process:

Homeowners are losing their homes every day to foreclosures across the country. Originally, those unfortunate homeowners had the now infamous “subprime” adjustable-rate financing that exploded on them, increasing monthly payments to unsustainable numbers.  Now, it is homeowners with every type of mortgage.  Even more alarming is that many would never have lost their homes if they had only known that their lenders violated state and federal laws when the loan was first made. These laws are extensive and complex to say the least, but they have become law to protect you, the consumer. But, they must take action by obtaining a Forensic Loan Audit.

What are the benefits of being an affiliate for our Forensic Loan Audit/ Loan Modification/ Foreclosure defence Affiliate Program?

  • Complete training provided free of cost.
  • No Enrolment Fee – Most companies charge you a hefty enrolment fees to get you started.
  • Attorney based Loan Modification Program.
  • Excellent Customer Support to service client requests.
  • Low monthly payment for the consumers.
  • Your own personal free affiliate website & marketing materials.
  • Easy online access to track all files.
  • Aggressive commissions paid timely.
  • Guaranteed results or an exit strategy for the consumer.
  • Exclusive Leads provided to all Loan Modification Affiliates at unbelievable prices!
  • This process is fully compliant with local, state and federal laws. The Foreclosure defence Attorneys represents homeowners to the letter of the law, meeting FTC “MARS” rules, ABA and State BAR Associations ethics guidance and AG requirements.
  • Secure online client and affiliate tracking website.
  • Better Business Bureau registered since last 4 years with ZERO complaints.
  • 1 Service delivery manager assigned to you for shift long support.

Details about the Mortgage and Foreclosure defence program:

  • Over the past six years we have helped homeowners identify, address and resolve their legal concerns and protect their homes.
  • The law firm maintains a staff of 5 in-house attorneys as well as an in house LPO and a client-friendly staff of paralegals and legal assistants experienced in the mortgage and foreclosure industry.
  • The legal team includes licensed attorneys in all 50 states who provide local legal representation to the consumers.
  • The law firm is a full service law firm, not just a Loan Modification firm. Focus area of practice being Mortgage & Foreclosure Defence, delivering client specific recommendations based on client unique circumstances, resulting in informed clients who are enabled to make educated decisions affecting their families’ wellbeing.
  • The Foreclosure defence Attorneys represents clients seeking:
  • Modification
  • Commercial Loan Modification
  • Forbearance
  • Reinstatement
  • Principle Reduction
  • Time to Resolve Hardship
  • Short Sale
  • Deed in Lieu
  • Cash for Keys


  • The Foreclosure defence Attorneys has experience with most programs:
  • Government
  • MHA
  • HAMP
  • HAFA
  • Non-Government
  • In-House
  • 2nd Look
  • GSE
  • Private Investors
  • Commercial Mortgages

This is a great Loan Modification Business Opportunity for You. If you are new to Loan Modification Business, then we will train and help you to Start Loan Modification Business. We will guide you how to start a loan modification business step by step. We are not just another
Loan Modification processing companies out there, we work with a Full service law firm with focus are of practice being Mortgage and Foreclosure Defense. The law firm approves all loan modification scripts, websites and other marketing content before you get started.

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