Debt Settlement Affiliate Program

Debt Consolidation – Settlement Affiliate Program BBB A+ Gold Star Winner!

8 year old Debt Settlement Company with A rating with BBB and Gold Star award winner from BBB for ZERO complaints for 3 consecutive years, total 11 complaints in 8 years of Debt Settlement Business; all resolved offers Debt Settlement Affiliate Program to reputable marketing companies. Help clients that otherwise couldn’t be helped and open up a profitable new revenue stream for yourself. It is a simple process:

  4. Nationwide Attorney Network (45 states covered)
  5. We take least debt amount ($5000) in the market.
  6. We take all types of Unsecured and non- govt. debt.
  7. 39% settlement average, as per our records, as per FTC Guidelines.

Most of the loan officers, Debt Settlement Companies across the country are struggling, while Loan officers, Debt Relief Affiliates and Debt Settlement Affiliates working with us are making more money than before.

The key to succeed is to diversify your business and get additional revenue streams. Brokers must offer a wide range of programs to generate multiple profitable revenue streams. Our Debt Settlement Affiliate Program accomplishes this. This is a Finance Business Opportunity for anyone related to the Financial Industry. You can Become a Debt Settlement Affiliate and open your own Debt Settlement Net Branch.

 We offer Debt Settlement Programs from 6-60 months, allowing you to custom tailor a program to fit your client’s needs.

From helping to set up an office, to training your sales team, we partner you in every step you take. We go the extra mile to build and maintain a long-term relationship with our Debt Settlement Affiliates.
Why us?

  1. 8 years old company with A+ rating with Better Business Bureau.
  2. 100% clean internet track record. You won’t find bad comments about our company anywhere on the internet.
  3. Attorney based Debt Settlement program, practicing in 47 states. 100% compliant model as per FTC TSR, state and federal laws. Local attorneys meet customers face to face before charging first monthly payment.
  4. Full Legal Representation for clients enrolled in the program. The attorneys file answers for customers and even go to court if need be at no extra cost. All included in the regular service fee.
  5. Attorney based and Performance based models to cater to the growing needs of the industry.
  6. Highest Commission to our Debt Settlement Affiliates. And when we say highest we mean that. We pay our Affiliates as high as 14% of the total debt amount enrolled into the program. (Tier system based on Monthly production)
  7. Premier shift long Affiliate Support. Dedicated Affiliate Manager for your office!
  8. Web based CRM with complete functionality including E signatures.
  9. 2 weeks on site training by a certified trainer, using best in the industry training material. Online training is available for experienced Debt Settlement Affiliates.

Web Affiliate Program: Credit Solutions Affiliate Program

How Web Affiliate works:
1. Post links pointing to our website on your site.
2. Visitors from your site enrol to our services.
3. We pay you commission for each sale.
Debt Free Affiliate Program

We: Provide the client contracts and the service.
You: Get appropriate signatures and documents (sale) and get paid.
*Daily, weekly and monthly payout available by check or wire
*Call centres welcome

Service Sold Payout Structure 
Debt Consolidation Up to 90% of first month’s payment ($100-$1000) 
Debt Settlement Up to 14% of client’s enrolled Debt Amount.
Revenue Share Lead Generation/ Hot Transfers

We: Make the sale and provide the service.
You: Provide a qualified lead.
*Daily, weekly and monthly payout available by check or wire
*Call centres welcome

Successfully Converted Lead for this Service Payout 

Debt Consolidation 20% of first month’s payment
Debt Settlement 1% of Debt Amount

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